a little change in my blogstyle

So finally I decided to give it a try: startin today, I'm blogging in English. English isn't my native language and it might annoy me after some time because I lack the words to express how I feel...but I think it's worth to try it for all those nice people who wrote me e-mails telling me my blog looked interesting but they didn't understand a word.
Please cope with my crappy English...a least for a while!

Today, like yesterday, I didn't really have the time of my life. My stomach still feels like I am going to puke.
But this song totally saved my day. I know it's old...but Rivers Cuomo from Weezer makes it sound wounderful.

Tomorrow (Cover) - Rivers Cuomo

thanks to Robert I have it on my pc now...yay!

I had my hair cut today. It's really short now...but you know the shorter the better xD

...I think blogging in English isn't my thing... xD

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