A little update on my life...

Okay this time I have no excuse... I didn't blog because I was going out a lot and really too lazy to blog.
But now I think I should really update you a bit about some things that happened in the meantime.

  • I turned 22! yay....not xD I feel so old! 
  • I went to see the "Lion King Musical" with 632! It was awesome! But still not as awesome as "Tanz der Vampire".( Don't know the English title...sorry :/) 
  • I got a new Cam for my birthday... but unfortunately it died after 2 weeks. Now I'm waiting to get a new one. 
  • One show of the K-Pop Festival in Paris was cancelled. dun dun. We accidently got tickets for both dates, so we'll still be okay...but.. others are ver dissappointed. :( 
  • I passed my Japanese midterm exams with 49 of 50 points. yeah... I'm proud xD 

Today I went shopping with my mum and grandma. Because almost everything is on sale right now, I was able to buy a bag, a dress, a coat and a skirt for an incredibly cheap price. I wish I could post the clothes but... no cam again :(

2012 is coming and I decided to make a 10 points with my favourite songs of the year again.... be prepared for k-pop xD




I still can't believe it....

Really. I just can't. We got tickets for the Music Bank Kpop Festival in Paris in February! I'll see 2pm, SHINee, Beast and so on live on stage. Oh yeah :)

My friends and me are planing to stay in Paris a little longer to do some sightseeing and visit Disneyland.Luckily the semester at our Uni ends on the 2nd of February, and we can enjoy a little vacation right after we've finished our exams. I just can't wait!!

But right now, the semester has just started. After that disastrous last semester, I didn't choose a lot of classes and so my stresslevel is not that high yet. Let's see how everything is going in about a month. 

I've been meeting up with friends a lot in the past week... and I could show you some really funny (and embarrassing) photos. But I'm not doing it.

Hope I'll be back with a proper post soon :) 


Actually this post should be special because it's post number 300 on this blog, but since I'm a lazy b*tch and Uni starts tomorrow I'll make it really random instead.

Hello there, it's been some days since my last post. And to be honest, I should not be blogging right now but reviewing Japanese like a maniac. But I'm too lazy, and even if I started now, I don't really think it'd make a difference. So... yes :D

I'm back to Hamburg since last Tuesday, and I spent the last days catching up with my friends from University.  I really missed those adorable dorks.

Yesterday we watched the 6 hour "Pride and Prejudice" BBC Series. I hadn't seen it before and I LOVED it. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is just....the he always stares at Lizzy..and... I shouldn't even start about that :D

Hm...so what else is there to talk about. I finally watched Ponyo this morning. At the beginning I was really creeped out by Ponyo but ..yeah it was cute. (Of course it's cute, it's Ghibli xD)

I have something to confess. I bought the Garnier BB Cream. I've wanted to BB Cream for quite some time now, because many of my Asia-loving friends told me that it's awesome and kind of made me believe it would cause a Sailor Moon-like transformation xD. I'm not going to do review here, because I would be stupid with no BB-experience to refer to.  It smells kind of nice, the texture is okay, too.... haha omg I'd make a horrible Beauty-Blogger :D However, I didn't think there was THAT much of a difference. My skin is not that bad to beginn with and the cream made it look nicer, but it still didn't look as flawless as Jaejoong's (or any other  K-Popstar). Why Jaejoong? Because the BB Cream scene with Jaejoon in Protect the Boss was kind of burned into my brain. "I only wear BB Cream on special occasions". Anybody seen it? x)

In February there's going to be a Music Bank K-Pop Festival in Paris (2pm, SHINee, Beast and more are coming...ftw). I'm sooooo going to try to get tickets! I could live with not getting tickets for SM Town live in Paris, but 2pm brings this event to a whole different level. I really hope I can go u.u


Enchanted Music

I've loved Patrick Wolf's music for a few years now, and I'm finally going to see/hear him play/sing live in November! So excited! I just bought his 2011 album "Lupercalia" and it's DAEBAK/SUGOI/AWESOME/SE BESCHT. Can't wait for the concert!


What Kpop did to me....

I've been wanting to post this for AGES now :D

Feels a lot like 2007

In early 2007, I watched the first and only Anime (when it comes to stuff like that, I'm more of a Manga Person) that I really really liked a lot: Ouran High School Host Club. I found it romantic, charming and most of all FUNNY. I loved all the charakters, even the female lead. Femals leads ins manga, drama and anime can be really annoying, but Haruhi was just daebak :)

Now, more than 4 years later, there's a live action drama version of Ouran High School Host Club. At first, I was NOT amused at all. Reason: I disliked the cast. My expectations were very high, and so (of course) I felt disappointed....at first!

the live action cast

I mean... Tamaki isn't even blonde...and has the worst hairstyle ever! xD And they were all...so not dreamy enough at first sight. But honestly... how similar can a real human being be to a anime character? Fact is, even though the live action is not as good and as funny the anime, the actors do a good job and the casting decisions weren't bad after all. Yamamoto Yusuke is a really good Tamaki (besides the hairstyle...he just has that dramatic Tamaki-feeling :D) And I think Daito Shunsuke
makes a really good Kyoya!

Another thing I started to be interested in in 2007 was Jpop. Yes, it may seem unbelievable now because I talk about Kpop a lot but... I actually used to be into Johnny's quite a bit! (dun dun dun). The song that got me interested was NewS' "weeek"( sorry I can't find it on youtube). It was a catchy fun song and all the member looked kind of cute in the pv. Even though I soon started to prefer Arashi and Kanjani8 over NewS, I was a little sad when I heard that Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo (I dare say they're the most popular members) decided to leave the group.

yamapi in the middle, ryo on the right

Even though I'm not much of a Johnny fan anymore, I'm not ashamed of liking them before it the thought that the group might fall apart with just 4 members (of originally 9 I think) left pains me a little. They gave me some good laughs and kyas, especially with their tour movies. I used to be a big Yamapi fan... but I think this decision he made is completly Akanishi Jin-like. And let me say one thing: I'm not a Akanishi Jin fan. At least Ryo stays with Kanjani. *rant rant*
Hehe I'm thinking a lot about those 2007 interests of mine these days.... ^^

And since I'm already doing the nerdtalk: I started reading Kuragehime. It's the BESCHT!

And Matsuyama Kenichi has secured his place as my number one favourite Japanese actor forever now that I've seen the movie "Detroit Metal City". It's awesome. If you don't believe it...go and watch it :D
Negishi (on the right), the main character, and his Death Metal Ego "Krauser"

Krauser shaking it in a washroom



(I like Japanese drama the best after all)

I've had a lot of free time recently and so I was able to watch a loooot of Asian drama. And, even though I'm crazy about Korean Popculture at the moment,  I think is still like Japanese dramas more than Korean dramas. Before someone out there in the www starts to go crazy ass fangirl on me: no, i don't hate K-Drama. I love it! ... I just prefer J-Drama.

Let's do a little K-Drama vs. J-Drama to explain why (just my opinion):

The Pros of K-Drama:
  • male leads and often even male supporting actors that make me salivate all over my keyboard. 
  • better kiss scences (especially recently!!!)
  • it seem like they have a higher production budget
  • better outfits
  • When it comes to romance, nothing beats K-Drama. A lot of super cute scences that make me go all "KYA!"  like this one here: 

The Cons of K-Drama:
  • too many episodes (often I'm super hyped at the beginning but loose interest around episode 12 or 13)
  • sometimes horrible dialogues. people repeat themselves over and over withouth really saying what they want to say.
  • normal girls falls for super rich guy in almost every drama (it doesn't matter if it's the son of a chaebol or the son of a guy who got rich by producing drugs in Thailand xD). This pattern is used soooo often that it starts to annoy me...a lot.Of course it's the secret wish of almost every girl...but...you know I just think romance can happen between two normal-income people, too.
  • every K-Drama soundtrack seems to include 10292498 standard ballads...and I HATE most ballads. 

The Pros of J-Drama
  • wiiiiiiide range of themes and various different approaches to topics. Bullying, domestic violence, ect... there are no taboos.
  • not too many episodes and the episodes are not too long...they just end before you can get bored of them
  • J-dramas often have a "message" and I'm the kind of cheesy person who loves that :D 
  • I think... I've seen a lot more deep and subtle J-dramas than K-dramas. (please don't kill me)
  • many Japanese dramas are based on awesome mangas or books and weren't written for TV purposes. In my opinion those dramas tend to have a better story line.
  •  wacky Japanese humor forever! 
Good Example: Hana Kimi (the 2007 version). The humor was so completly off, strange and exaggerated that sometimes I just had to burst into laughter. Here some scences from the Special Episode. Unfortunatly I couldn't find my favourite Hana Kimi Scene.

The Cons of J-Drama
  • flooded with Johnnys. Don't get me wrong, there are some awesome actors among Johnnys ( like Ikuta Toma or Ninomiya Kazunari), but some of them lack skills a little. (*gets killed by fangirls* 
  • often a little exaggerated and over the top.
  • J-Dramas have a wide range of topics....yes.... but some of the topics just make me think: What the actual frog? A drama about the transsexual dog of a panteologist who has supernatural powers... I wouldn't be surprised if that existed.
  • horrible kiss scences. often the lips just barely touching and the actors look as if it hurts like hell. come on.

And now... you can agree...or not xD.

Reunion, a traumatizing movie and that awkward moment when one of your favourite songs makes you laugh

Yesterday I met my beloved roommates from Tokyo, Alex and Mio, in Frankfurt. We drank bubbletea, talked about good old times (crazy nights out, the dorkiness in our apartment etc..) and had Tsukemen in an nice Japanese restaurant for dinner.

Tsukemen is a Japanese noodledish. The broth is served seperatly and you dip the noodles into it. This picture was taken by Aimi

It was extremely delicious and I had an awesome time like always! Thank you girls!

On friday I watched the Greek movie "Dogtooth" with a friend. The description sounded kind of interesting and a little freaky.... but the movie turned out to be much more shocking than we expected. I've seen a lot of strange movies, because strange movies come in a package with love for Asian cinema...but this surpassed everything I've seen so far. The idea of the movie is awesome. Three siblings are brought up by their parents being isolated from the outside world. They use the most ridiculous tricks to keep the truth from their children and protect the facade they've built over the years. As a result, the three kids (or better: young adults), two girls and a boy, have developed a lot of abnormal behaviour patterns. I'm not saying it'a bad movie, but it's really shocking, full of perversion and some scences might be hard to handle for some people. I don't really recommend to watch this movie...but some of you will probably think about it now. Actually, when people tell me how shocking they found a movie, I'm kind of tempted to watch it. When a friend of mine told me about the shocking scences in Lars von Triers "Antichrist", I really wanted to watch it...and I did xD

Random change of topic: The Japanese version of SHINee's Lucifer was released recently. I was really crazy about the Korean version in 2010. Before I wasn't really thaaaat much of a SHINee Fan, but after the Lucifer Album I went asdfhsakjdfue for them.
So far all of the Japanese PVs SHINee released were remakes of their successful Korean songs. I liked the Japanese versions so far, and was even content with the new one of my beloved song "Juliette". The MVs were really well done, too... but there's one thing I just can't stand about them: Taemin gets like double as much screen time as the other members. It's not that I dislike him... but I think it's a little exaggerated, sorry. The other members are equally talented, but have been kind of pushed in the background. Even some lines Jong or Onew (the members with the best vocals) sang before were transferred to him. That's just wrong somehow.... Besides I cracked up 10 seconds or so after I started watching the  Lucifer pv, because somehow the Japanese lyrics sounded really strange to me at first. Don't know why. After replaying the vid a few times I'm okay with them x)

At the end of this post I want something that eat your kimchi's Martina wrote in their latest post (If you don't know eat your kimchi you should check out their blog and videos!). She's saying what I've been trying to say about Kpop and other music many times before, but in contrast to me she doesn't fail at it:
"We’ve taken a lot of flack from people who live in Korea and HATE kpop. They feel like they can only support everything which is Indie, and any support of a mainstream band is some kind of devil worship. We firmly disagree with this perspective and the snobby attitude towards kpop and anything mainstream. We, too, listen to many crazy Indie bands that are loved by a small groups of elite fans (do we announce that fact as if it’s some proud badge to be worn? No) but we also really love and respect kpop.
How can we come to grips with these two extreme positions regarding music and culture? To us, it’s the talent and passion of the members of the band that matter. Not everyone in the world can play an instrument, or sing, or dance, or write music. If you grow up playing the guitar and you form a rock band in your garage and fail for 10 years and make it in the 11th, we’re happy for you, but does that mean a kpop idol who trained to sing and dance for 10 years is any different? Yes, they have a label supporting them with money to get their names out there, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that kpop idols ARE talented. Opera singers don’t write their own music and are usually discovered only after appearing in many musicals backed by companies, but does that mean they’re not talented because they weren’t found singing Opera in a tiny university bar? Absolutely not. The same goes for many talented singers throughout the decades (even Elvis Presley).
The point of this long rant is that even though we can acknowledge that BEG and other kpop groups have big wig companies backing them, I’m tired of people immediately writing off kpop (and pop in general) because of that fact. I think the deepest irony in this whole situation is the very musician wants to be in the position of popularity that kpop bands have, but once they reach it (by their own means or via a record label) many fans will desert them, saying that they “sold out”. What you want to say is, “I’m jealous my special band no one knew is now know by many people. I’m sad they’re making money and supporting themselves.”

So true! 


A nice place for growing up + recent gets

Yesterday my best friend from Japan left and of course... I cried at the Airport. I'm so baaad with Goodbyes, even though I should be kind of used to them by now.
However, we had a lot of fun in those five days.  Even though we hadn't seen each other in 1 1/2 years...things between us haven't changed. We went sightseeing in the region around my hometown and it opened my eyes a bit. This area is more beautiful than I could see, or more than I wanted to see and coming back here in my holidays always puts my soul at ease (sounds cheesy... I know xD). Or as my friend said: "This seems like a really good place for growing up, but you can definitly not stay here". My friend took around 500 photos (of basically everything...and she paparazzied me all the time xD) but she isn't really in for sharing pictures on the internet, so I wan't upload any!

Instead I got inspired to do my first "recent gets"-post by hyacinth dream :) I always enjoy this kind of posts from the people I follow on blogger, but I never did one myself, so here we gooooo! (sorry for the blurry pictures.... it's getting obvious that my digicam is almost 5 years old and has traveled all around the world)

I got another Kapibara-san plushy <3...

.....and funky flavoured  Kit Kat from my friend as a gift

I asked her to get me some books to study for the JLPT. I'll finally take level N4 in December. Some say it's to easyto even take it, but I want to take it easy this semester, so I'm following a teachers recommendation and start with N4.

super cute strawberry cookies. my friend bought those for my parents. Why are Japanese things always so cute?!?! I can't even... xD

I think it's the first time I buy clothes for fall on time... usually I start buying t-shirts in September, but this time I actually bought cardigans. sorry for the horrible picture. I got the striped one in Vancouver (it's cashmere baby) and the leo-print one at "Review" (I think it's the flashiest item I own xD).

art post cards by a canadian first nation artist I got in tofino and stationary stuff I got a super cute store on Granville Island (Vancouver)

close up because it's just tooo beautiful

Wah I miss my friend so much already. It was such a good thing to see her again. I hope I can visit her in Japan soon. She taught me to sing the Japanese Sailor Moon Opening song (xD) and it's stuck in my head now xD Aaaaand.... this girl has such a power to motivate me! Even though the last semester was horrible and I'll take it easy this semester, I'm finally looking forward to the things that are coming instead of being afraid and stressed. Ganbareee JLPT, ganbareeee Nihongo, ganbareeeee Muk, ganbareeee weight loss, ganbareeee writing, ganbareeeeee and so on.... (romance?! xD)

Going to meet Alex and Mio in Frankfurt on Sunday...can't wait <3


10 points XIX: Pictures from Canada

yay 10 points! This time ten of my favourite pictures from my vacation in Canada. They might not be that special but...I just like them.

My dad meeting a squirrel on a campground near Clearwater :D

this picture is a little sad....the little sign show how far the glacier reached in 2000... it's shrinking soooo fast :(

leaving from Horseshoe bay with the ferry to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

haha i posted that before... sunset in Tofino, Vancouver Island

Rainforest near Tofina... the trees were just sefkjhasdjf i can't even

pile of driftwood on Long Beach, Tofina (yes.... I liked Tofino :D )

my mum with some sea plant... that looks exactly like a whip

me standing on the glass plattform of Calgary Tower... my stomach felt reeeeally weird ^^'

....what can i say...the sausages doing the "chicken" in some parking lot xD

and again... Lake Louise... unfortunately the colour of the water doesn't come out properly... I seriously need a new Digicam!


"What are you looking at?...

 ...oh...it's just a bear. I thought it was something exciting"

or: I'm back from Canada! 

sunset in Tofino

I didn't think it would be possible to see so many places in just 13 days. We landed in Calgary and then drove to Vancouver in a motorhome, visiting Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Clearwater (and the Clearwater Hospital), Whistler and Vancouver Island (Tofino and Victoria) on our way . Since I travelled with my whole family and we had just 13 day´s, it was a little stressful but still great. Super friendly people, awesome landscape and lots of wild animals. Living in Germany, I'm not used to see all kinds of animals running around everywhere (okay not everywhere, but almost everywhere). On the second day I was amazed by seeing a single squirrel. In the following days I saw many elks (once mother and child walking on the street as if they were organic cars xD), squirrels, seals, squirrels, a bear (having fun on a minigolf course), squirrels and a skunk (almost xD). Unfortunatly I didn't see a whale :( AND: The weather was awesome. I even got a bit of a tan. Yes. Me. A tan. In Canada. In September.

beautiful Lake Louise

The flight back was the worst of my life. I was exhausted, felt dizzy and sick and my back, ears and legs hurt a lot. *whine whine* At least they had screens at every seat. When the plane had finally landed in Frankfurt I jubilantly wobbeled my way out of it. 

me at a glacier, looking as retarded as always
In the next days there be some more posts about my trip to Canada! And of course some pictures! And I'll change the header. And my profile picture.
but for now I have to watch drama and enjoy the pleasures of the internet xD

Just three more days until my best friend from Japan is visiting. Yay!


pomelo goes Canada

un... okay... that doesn't rhyme as well as pomelo goes Tokyo... not to say it doesn't rhyme at all.

I'm leaving to Canada on Sunday and until then I have to work my ass off for my part-time job. they don't have enough people right now, so I have to do more work. I just finished work for today, and feel like a jellyfish. The next days will be very busy with packing, organizing the next semester and work, so I probably won't post until I come back.
Maybe if I have a bit of time in Canada I'll maybe post a few fotos.... not xD.  I'm not sure how often I'll be able to access the internet and to be honest I want to enjoy my vacation properly and stay away from the screen for a bit. I'll even turn off my beloved smartphone.

I'll be back on the 18th, with a post and probably with a ton of pictures!

And before I forget it: 632... thanks for your sms today it gave me such a good laugh. Charlie and Pablo forever. You're awesome! (I hope you read this)


I think I'm Ugly...

and nobody wants to love me.

and I love love love 2NE1. I'm so thankful there is a Korean Girlband that is not all cutesy and stuff. Bom and CL are so awesome.


"What a man"

Heute war ih mit Lauri, Meike und meiner Schwester in Mannheim bei der Kinotour zu Matthias Schweighöfers Regiedebut "What a man" (eigentlich war der Freund meiner Schwester auch dabei...aber ihn hat der ganze Trubel herzlich wenig interessiert xD).

Lauri, Meike und ich sind schon seit Jahren verschworene Matthias-Fangirl-Schwestern...und so konnten wir es uns nicht verkneifen zumindest ein bisschen nervös zu werden und zu quietschen (merke: quietschen, nicht kreischen).
Wir konnten sogar Fotos mit den Schauspielern ergatten :)

Lena, Lauri und ich mit Matthias Schweighöfer

und nochmal mit Elyas M'Barek :)

Ich war vorher noch nie bei sowas. Ich hatte eigentlich (wenn man von gewissen Ostasiatischen Sternchen absieht xD) nie soooo das Bedürfnis Promis nahe zu kommen, Fotos mit ihnen zu machen, oder Autogramme abzustauben. Aber irgendwie war ich heute dann doch ein bisschen aufgeregt und wuselig :) aber immerhin wars Matthias Schweighöfer, mein favourite german actor ^^

Also zum Film: Ich muss sagen, ich wurde gut unterhalten, der Film war charmant und witzig. Ich weiß, dass manche Kritiker nicht super begeistert waren aber dazu muss ich ganz ehrlich sagen: Leute, der Film ist genau, was er sein soll. Eine luftig leichte Sommer RomCom. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt, nachdem ich in den Trailer gesehn hatte, nicht mit der Erwartung ins Kino gegangen, dass "what a man" das Filme Machen neu erfindet und mein Leben verändert. Aber wer das tut, ist selbst schuld. Und das gilt nicht nur für diesen Film, sondern für viele Filme. Aber manche Leute sind ja sogar genervt, wenn in Westernfilme Westernelemente auftauchen. Oder überrascht, dass "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" eine kitschige Teeniekomodie ist. Seid mal realistisch jetzt.


Please press play before you start reading xD

I'm back to my home town now and ... I'm completely hyper. I just finished my last assignement (a super annoying project report about female communication on facebook) for the last semester and I'm finally FREE now. FREE. FREE. For 1 1/2 months. Oh yeah baby.
I can't believe I made it through this semester alive and well. There haven't been many things in my life that I really took pride in. My parents always tell me that they're really proud of me, and that I've reached a lot of things for a 21 year old person. I never really thought like that. But today, I'm kinda proud of myself. I feel like... well....the song describes my mood pretty well.xD


HUH! You didn't think I was alive, did ya?! ...well...me neither.

or: How I turned into a Fembot 
or: Don't stop, can't stop

Actually I didn't think I'd ever start blogging again. Of course I've had phases when i thought about giving up blogging before just because I thoughtI was wastin my energy because no one ever read this blog anyways. This time was a little different. The whole story began, when the last semester started. I took a lot of courses and started a part time job in order to save up money to go Japan. The first few weeks it all worked out quite well. I was busy, but busy in a okay-kinda way. A that time the only reason I didn't blog was because I didn't have a lot of time and didn't feel like it. But things changed. Around the middle of the semester I really went into a deep crisis. I felt like breaking down from stress everyday, day by day it became harder for me to deal with people (i just wanted to be on my own), i couldn't sleep at all and i felt like crying all the time. I woke up in the mornings and went to university, then i studied, then i worked, then I went to bed and fell asleep after 3 or 4 hours. Everyday the same. I turned into a robot...well a depressed robot that is. I even vanished almost completly from all social network sites, which is really abnormal for me. Turned out my thyroid gland (or the 3% that are left of it) decided to give me a hard time again. It really turned into a freak show. I think I hurt and worried a lot of people, and I'm really sorry for that. I found it quite scary myself.  Thanks to my parents I somehow managed to cope with the stress, the insomnia and finish the semester (even with very good grades - woot). The semester has been over for a few weeks now, but I kind of needed some time to recharge. I basially did nothing but watching movies and dramas, listening to music and reading books. I'm still not perfectly okay (propbably the hormones are still a little..not the optimum xD), sometimes I still feel horrible and most nights I can't go to sleep easily.  But I'm starting to feel alive again. I feel like going out, talking to people and well.... i feel like blogging. Because even though it's a waste of time: I love it. So here I am.

Some news about my life for you:
  • A cat that doesn't really belong to us but has been eating at our house in my hometown had babies. In our basement. THEY ARE FRIGGIN ADORABLE. 
super cute little grey cat and horrible bare-faced me xD

Uschi (the creepy stalker cat) and her babiiies ^^

my favourite <3
  • I'm going to Canada in September with my family. wooooot.
  • My best friend from Japan is visiting me in the end of September. Oh yeah :D
  • I FINALLY bought white dr. martens and white monster beats hd solo. thank you, part time job! xD
that's it for today! 


    30 Day Song Challenge: day 04 - a song that makes you sad

    Diese Lied macht mich nicht einfach nur traurig...es hat mich schon mal fast zum heulen gebracht (true story)


    Going the Distance

    I've always been a hardcore Disney fan. I love the movies (especially the old school cartoons), the songs (I know most of the lyrics...some of them in different languages) and I LOVE Disney Land.

    I went to Tokyo Disney Land in September 2009 with my Sis and her boyfriend... my brain was about to explode because of the cuteness and awesomeness.
    (Slightly off topic: my sister told me that some kind of weightlifting championship will be held in Disneyland Paris soon...:D )

    Today I downloaded "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" because it was an special offer on German  iTunes and because the video my parents bought for me and my sister when we were kids somehow disappeared.

    Rewatching the movie I was reminded of how many little lessons those movies can teach children. That we need to accept people who are different, for instance. Or that people who seem to be different aren't that different after all and that we can learn a lot from them (prime example: Pocahontas)
    That's why I love Disney movies so much. They are entertaining, cute and in some situations in life they can really help you out. And if it's just by reminding you of the fact that you can go the distance.

    When I was a child I prefered Disney movies where animals were the main characters such as Lion King, The Fox and the Hound ("Cap und Capper"), etc. Today my top three would be:
    1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    2. Pocahontas
    3. Mulan.  
    Okay so I'm really a Disney Lover.... but there's one thing that I just can't forgive...

    haha I know the y u no guy is kind of a tumblr thing but I'm so bad ass that I made one even though I'm not on tumblr. bwahahah and you'll never get me (because I'm afraid of becoming an addict)

    30 Day Song Challenge: day 03 - a song that makes you happy

    All the songs that came to my mind for this task were Asian ones. I actually wanted to post Arashis 'happiness' but I couldn't find the mv on youtube so here's my second choice.

    Big Bang - Sunset Glow


    30 Day Song Challenge: day 02 - your least favorite song

    Haha I know many people love this song. It's not that I hate Leona Lewis but I just can't stand it...especially the chorus.

    Leona Lewis - Bleeding love


    30 Day Song Challenge: day 01 - your favorite song

    Yes... I decided to participate in the 30 Day Song Challenge. And I decided not just to do it on facebook but here on my blog, too!

    It's kind of impossible for me to decide on one favourite song...but I think this one is a good choice :)

    Placebo - Every you every me



    Last Thursday I met three friends from my time in Japan again. I was so excited on wednesday evening that I couldn't fall asleep at all. I almost couldn't get there on time because a lot of  trains are cancelled at the moment because of strikes. But I gave the lady at the information a very scary look and she changed my booking to a TGV so I arrived just a few minutes late.:D When I finally met Mio, Alex and Pantay at the station I was so happy I had to grin for at least 30 minutes non-stop

    Especially to Alex and Mio who were my roommates I'm extremly attached. We have so many stupid insider jokes it's unbelievable :D Of course we had fights, too (I think it's natural when three girls who are so different live in a flat together)...but mostly it's been fun times with those two dorks  in our little apartment in Shinjuku <3
    Apart from that they had a really good influence on me. It's partly thanks to them that my self-confidence got so much better in Japan. I learned from them that sometimes it's just better not to give a f***. About some people and about what they say.  That some people'es opinions should just be irrelevant to me.
    Haha I don't think they really follow my blog but... Mio, Alex: Thanks for making me feel like a cool kid. ;D
    (maybe I should mention that it was Alex who introduced me to Kpop...I'm not sure if I should thank or curse you for that.... it gave me such a brain damage :D) 

    We met at the main station in Frankfurt, did a bit of window shopping and then had bubble tea with some of Alex' friends. I never drank bubble tea before and I looooooved it :)

    Pantay and Mio :) such a sweet couple
    Later we had dinner at a really nice Ramen Restaurant called Yumeya where we went togethere before. It was really delicious <3

    Alex and me

    nom nom Ramen <3

    I'm not crybaby....

    ...or that's what I thought.

    If you've read some of my older post you might have realized that I'm quite an emotional and compassionate person. But, except for goodbyes, I don't cry that easily.

    I've seen news from horrible events on tv and on the internet. A lot. I've seen pictures and videos of wars, crimes and natural disasters all over the world. Of course I have. And of course it touched me. Of course it shocked me. But I never cried.
    Because, even though I knew how horrible those events were and no matter how bad i felt for the people there, it all felt so far away.
    Germany has been such a safe coutry every since I've been born. I never really felt concrete danger of war, or hunger or losing my home. Disasters don't happen in my home country. At least they didn't back in the time when I just felt at home in Germany.
    That, as many of you may know, changed in 2009. Because as cheesy as it sounds, Japan has become my second home country. A part of my heart never returned to Germany with me.
    And babamm now there's a horrible disaster in my home country. And I cried. Two times already. Yesterday in the morning when I first saw the pictures of the Tsunami and this morning when I heard about the explosion at the Fukushima power plant.

    By now I heard from most of my friends in Japan that they're safe. But so many others aren't. And there might still happen worse things.

    I don't want to watch the news anymore but I can't stop. I just want somebody who wears a suit and looks like he/she is in perfect control of everything tell me there's no danger anymore and no more peoply have died or will die.

    My mum hugged me earlier and told me she was glad that I was here with them and safe. Actually exactly one year ago I would have been in office in Shibuya at the time the earthquake happened.
    But I'm here. Safe and completely help- and useless.

    I'm not really religious.... but I don't think I'm a hypocrite when I say I pray for Japan today.
    Because this disaster, no matter how many miles away from me has happened, feels closer to my heart than I ever could imagine.


    One last try

    So I decided to give blogging one last try... even though i lost my confidence.
    But some people encouraged me not to stop and I've always love it so.....here I am again.
    First I thought about creating a tumblr but then I realized that I'd probably loose myself in all the reblogging and become addicted to it...in a bad way.

    Right now I'm in my hometown because I'm (theoretically) on a break from university. But I still have to write a report so I'm busy nontheless
    Yeah. I survived the first semester. Which is a miracle with that crazy subject combination of mine xD. And even with good results.
    I have to finish my last report until Monday, so after that be prepared for a lot of posts :)

    And now...complety out of context.... pictures of Junho that I found today and that I LOVE. ^^

    Junho with flowers and strange sneakers (awesome)

    Junho in a sailor shirt (awesome)
    double Junho!

    Junho with a cat (more than awesome)


    Naokos Lächeln

    Wundervolles Buch.

    Ich fühl mich, als wär ich von all den Charakteren ein bisschen was: ein Stück Midori, ein Stück Watanabe, ein bisschen Naoko und sogar ein bissche Nagasawa. Immer wieder gab es Abschnitte, mit denen ich mich so perfekt identifizieren konnte.

    Haruki Murakami hat sich mal wieder als einer meiner Lieblingsautoren bestätigt. 

    2 exams down, 2 1/2 to go. ganbare~

    My internet speed was restricted, so I can't watch the new episodes of Dream High :( I want more Taec and Wooyoung in school uniforms :(

    Off to Uni now.....