I still can't believe it....

Really. I just can't. We got tickets for the Music Bank Kpop Festival in Paris in February! I'll see 2pm, SHINee, Beast and so on live on stage. Oh yeah :)

My friends and me are planing to stay in Paris a little longer to do some sightseeing and visit Disneyland.Luckily the semester at our Uni ends on the 2nd of February, and we can enjoy a little vacation right after we've finished our exams. I just can't wait!!

But right now, the semester has just started. After that disastrous last semester, I didn't choose a lot of classes and so my stresslevel is not that high yet. Let's see how everything is going in about a month. 

I've been meeting up with friends a lot in the past week... and I could show you some really funny (and embarrassing) photos. But I'm not doing it.

Hope I'll be back with a proper post soon :) 


632 said...

Wir haben keine Fotos von uns beiden gemacht DX
Dann eben bei der Weinverkostung...mit knallroten Gesichtern! :D

hollyhock said...

Ich freu mich drauf =)

veste ed hardy said...

this is a nice.