I think I'm Ugly...

and nobody wants to love me.

and I love love love 2NE1. I'm so thankful there is a Korean Girlband that is not all cutesy and stuff. Bom and CL are so awesome.


"What a man"

Heute war ih mit Lauri, Meike und meiner Schwester in Mannheim bei der Kinotour zu Matthias Schweighöfers Regiedebut "What a man" (eigentlich war der Freund meiner Schwester auch dabei...aber ihn hat der ganze Trubel herzlich wenig interessiert xD).

Lauri, Meike und ich sind schon seit Jahren verschworene Matthias-Fangirl-Schwestern...und so konnten wir es uns nicht verkneifen zumindest ein bisschen nervös zu werden und zu quietschen (merke: quietschen, nicht kreischen).
Wir konnten sogar Fotos mit den Schauspielern ergatten :)

Lena, Lauri und ich mit Matthias Schweighöfer

und nochmal mit Elyas M'Barek :)

Ich war vorher noch nie bei sowas. Ich hatte eigentlich (wenn man von gewissen Ostasiatischen Sternchen absieht xD) nie soooo das Bedürfnis Promis nahe zu kommen, Fotos mit ihnen zu machen, oder Autogramme abzustauben. Aber irgendwie war ich heute dann doch ein bisschen aufgeregt und wuselig :) aber immerhin wars Matthias Schweighöfer, mein favourite german actor ^^

Also zum Film: Ich muss sagen, ich wurde gut unterhalten, der Film war charmant und witzig. Ich weiß, dass manche Kritiker nicht super begeistert waren aber dazu muss ich ganz ehrlich sagen: Leute, der Film ist genau, was er sein soll. Eine luftig leichte Sommer RomCom. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt, nachdem ich in den Trailer gesehn hatte, nicht mit der Erwartung ins Kino gegangen, dass "what a man" das Filme Machen neu erfindet und mein Leben verändert. Aber wer das tut, ist selbst schuld. Und das gilt nicht nur für diesen Film, sondern für viele Filme. Aber manche Leute sind ja sogar genervt, wenn in Westernfilme Westernelemente auftauchen. Oder überrascht, dass "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" eine kitschige Teeniekomodie ist. Seid mal realistisch jetzt.


Please press play before you start reading xD

I'm back to my home town now and ... I'm completely hyper. I just finished my last assignement (a super annoying project report about female communication on facebook) for the last semester and I'm finally FREE now. FREE. FREE. For 1 1/2 months. Oh yeah baby.
I can't believe I made it through this semester alive and well. There haven't been many things in my life that I really took pride in. My parents always tell me that they're really proud of me, and that I've reached a lot of things for a 21 year old person. I never really thought like that. But today, I'm kinda proud of myself. I feel like... well....the song describes my mood pretty well.xD


HUH! You didn't think I was alive, did ya?! ...well...me neither.

or: How I turned into a Fembot 
or: Don't stop, can't stop

Actually I didn't think I'd ever start blogging again. Of course I've had phases when i thought about giving up blogging before just because I thoughtI was wastin my energy because no one ever read this blog anyways. This time was a little different. The whole story began, when the last semester started. I took a lot of courses and started a part time job in order to save up money to go Japan. The first few weeks it all worked out quite well. I was busy, but busy in a okay-kinda way. A that time the only reason I didn't blog was because I didn't have a lot of time and didn't feel like it. But things changed. Around the middle of the semester I really went into a deep crisis. I felt like breaking down from stress everyday, day by day it became harder for me to deal with people (i just wanted to be on my own), i couldn't sleep at all and i felt like crying all the time. I woke up in the mornings and went to university, then i studied, then i worked, then I went to bed and fell asleep after 3 or 4 hours. Everyday the same. I turned into a robot...well a depressed robot that is. I even vanished almost completly from all social network sites, which is really abnormal for me. Turned out my thyroid gland (or the 3% that are left of it) decided to give me a hard time again. It really turned into a freak show. I think I hurt and worried a lot of people, and I'm really sorry for that. I found it quite scary myself.  Thanks to my parents I somehow managed to cope with the stress, the insomnia and finish the semester (even with very good grades - woot). The semester has been over for a few weeks now, but I kind of needed some time to recharge. I basially did nothing but watching movies and dramas, listening to music and reading books. I'm still not perfectly okay (propbably the hormones are still a little..not the optimum xD), sometimes I still feel horrible and most nights I can't go to sleep easily.  But I'm starting to feel alive again. I feel like going out, talking to people and well.... i feel like blogging. Because even though it's a waste of time: I love it. So here I am.

Some news about my life for you:
  • A cat that doesn't really belong to us but has been eating at our house in my hometown had babies. In our basement. THEY ARE FRIGGIN ADORABLE. 
super cute little grey cat and horrible bare-faced me xD

Uschi (the creepy stalker cat) and her babiiies ^^

my favourite <3
  • I'm going to Canada in September with my family. wooooot.
  • My best friend from Japan is visiting me in the end of September. Oh yeah :D
  • I FINALLY bought white dr. martens and white monster beats hd solo. thank you, part time job! xD
that's it for today!