10 points XX: Favourite K-Pop 2011

Just a few days ago... I found myself thinking that 2011 wasn't that much of a good K-Pop Year. There were no songs as awesome as "Lucifer", no performances as awesome as "Heartbeat" and no memorable dances like "Shock" or "Gee".

But... when I looked through my Ipod I foud a loooooot of great songs and I realized I was wrong. 2011 just didn't seem as good as 2010 or 2009 because I had a lot less time to waste on youtube. 

So here they are...my favourite Kpop Songs 2011! (Even though I'm super pissed right now because I somehow can't add more than one vid to my post)

(The order doesn't matter.)

  • Big Bang - Tonight
2011 was - without a doubt - a hard year for Big Bang. Daesungs accident... GDs marijuana incident...those are actually issues that can destroy an idol group . But Big Bang survived. And they won "best artist worldwide" at the MTV EMAs. A big triumph for Big Bang, YG and K-Pop Music. I love Daesungs Solo "Baby don't cry" from their Mini Album as well.

  • 2NE1 - I am the Best
There's not much to say...: 2ne1 ist still the best girl group in Kpop. I think they gained a lot of international influence and interest in 2011, winning international awards and working togheter with famous artists from the U.S. (e.g. Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas).  Even though "I am the best" is my favourite 2ne1 track 2011, I loved "hate you" and "ugly" as well.

  • Beast - Fiction 
What a catchy song! And I love the penguin dance move :D. Even though they had huge hits in 2010, too, I feel that in 2011 Beast became on of the most important groups in Kpop. Not being managed by one of the 3 big agencys (even though Cube is kind of a sister company of JYPE or something?!), I still have the feeling that they are playing in the same league as SHINee and 2pm now. Their Album "Fiction and Fact" also contained the ballad "Virus", which is one of the most played songs on my ipod. Yes. MY Ipod. A ballad. Believe me, it's beautiful.

  • Wonder Girls - Be my Baby
This is kind of a typical Wonder Girls Song. It's so catchy that it will be stuck in your head for DAYS. The mv was simple but really nice as well, even though it reminded me a lot of "Single Ladies". Dundun.

  • Infinite - Be Mine
I've  loved every song Infinite promoted since their debut in 2010. Strangely I didn' realize how much of a fan I was until a few days ago. I was listening to "Be mine"... and then it hit me. I stalked them a bit on youtube and now I've turned into a complete fangirl: I don't just like their songs anymore, I like them as a group. Infinite fighting! (btw... Sunggyu is my favourite...even though he seems really mean sometimes)

  • 2pm - Hands up!
Yes... at first I was disappointed with the song. Even though I was glad that 2pm didn't release another depri-song, I just felt that "Hands up!" and the mv didn't fit 2pm. But during my bike rides to University every morning in summer I really started to like it. It's such a moodmaker!

  •  Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
Dundun here comes the awesomeness. The beginning of the song sounds a lot like Peter Fox' "Alles neu", but it's really just the beginning. The song has a completely different feeling and the rap part ist very cool! The mv is really good, too! 

  • Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker 
I like this song. I didn't like the performances, I didn't like the mv but I like this song. I'm sorry, but I really dislike the role HyunAh has to play all the time. It has probably been given to her by her agency, so it's not her fault but all the butt-shaking and grinding just isn't my thing.  Still her and Hyungseung make an awesome sub-unit!

  • Super Junior - Mr. Simple 
Mr. Simple and me...we are kind of in a love-hate-relationship. The song is just so catchy... but on the other hand... I don't know... AAAH! Maybe because the mv was so disappointing after the teaser photos...

  • U-Kiss - Neverland 
U-Kiss - the number one K-Pop Artist I don't pay enough attention to. A like a lot of their songs, but I don't think I've seen one mv, performance or variety show with U-Kiss to the end. I don't even know why. They just don't grab my attention as much as other groups. "Neverland" is still awesome.

So those were my Top 10 K-pop Songs of 2011! Other good songs that should be mentioned but didn't make it in the Top 10: 4minute - Mirror Mirror, Kara - Step it up, Block B - Wanna B, TVXQ - Keep your head down, Miss A - Goodbye Baby

Let's finish this post with my maybe favourite K-Pop MV of 2011:

Infinite - Nothing's Over 

The song is a bit too sweet for me... but... I love the vid! So creative! 


632 said...

I have to admit that 2011 was not K-Popish at all for me. :/ But that's more because I didn't go after K-Pop songs at all. So I only know I am the Best, Fiction, Hands Up and Mr.Simple (mostly thanks to you, Maddi and Kimi xD).
I listened to Neverland and to Be Mine yesterday - I think it was because of the mash-up you posted on fb - and I liked Neverland a lot! But I still try to understand your Infinite fangirling. >< Though I love that MV you posted!!! Toilet paper ftw! <3

Pomelo said...

Haha I could give you like a thousand reasons...but maybe you just don't like them. Like I don't like Super Junior. Or maybe it's the song. it sounds a little bit... 80s style I think? xD But I'm happy you liked the vid. It's so cute. "Falling through a wall of toilet paper" is definitly on my bucket list now!

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