30 Day Song Challenge: day 04 - a song that makes you sad

Diese Lied macht mich nicht einfach nur traurig...es hat mich schon mal fast zum heulen gebracht (true story)


Going the Distance

I've always been a hardcore Disney fan. I love the movies (especially the old school cartoons), the songs (I know most of the lyrics...some of them in different languages) and I LOVE Disney Land.

I went to Tokyo Disney Land in September 2009 with my Sis and her boyfriend... my brain was about to explode because of the cuteness and awesomeness.
(Slightly off topic: my sister told me that some kind of weightlifting championship will be held in Disneyland Paris soon...:D )

Today I downloaded "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" because it was an special offer on German  iTunes and because the video my parents bought for me and my sister when we were kids somehow disappeared.

Rewatching the movie I was reminded of how many little lessons those movies can teach children. That we need to accept people who are different, for instance. Or that people who seem to be different aren't that different after all and that we can learn a lot from them (prime example: Pocahontas)
That's why I love Disney movies so much. They are entertaining, cute and in some situations in life they can really help you out. And if it's just by reminding you of the fact that you can go the distance.

When I was a child I prefered Disney movies where animals were the main characters such as Lion King, The Fox and the Hound ("Cap und Capper"), etc. Today my top three would be:
  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Mulan.  
Okay so I'm really a Disney Lover.... but there's one thing that I just can't forgive...

haha I know the y u no guy is kind of a tumblr thing but I'm so bad ass that I made one even though I'm not on tumblr. bwahahah and you'll never get me (because I'm afraid of becoming an addict)

30 Day Song Challenge: day 03 - a song that makes you happy

All the songs that came to my mind for this task were Asian ones. I actually wanted to post Arashis 'happiness' but I couldn't find the mv on youtube so here's my second choice.

Big Bang - Sunset Glow


30 Day Song Challenge: day 02 - your least favorite song

Haha I know many people love this song. It's not that I hate Leona Lewis but I just can't stand it...especially the chorus.

Leona Lewis - Bleeding love


30 Day Song Challenge: day 01 - your favorite song

Yes... I decided to participate in the 30 Day Song Challenge. And I decided not just to do it on facebook but here on my blog, too!

It's kind of impossible for me to decide on one favourite song...but I think this one is a good choice :)

Placebo - Every you every me



Last Thursday I met three friends from my time in Japan again. I was so excited on wednesday evening that I couldn't fall asleep at all. I almost couldn't get there on time because a lot of  trains are cancelled at the moment because of strikes. But I gave the lady at the information a very scary look and she changed my booking to a TGV so I arrived just a few minutes late.:D When I finally met Mio, Alex and Pantay at the station I was so happy I had to grin for at least 30 minutes non-stop

Especially to Alex and Mio who were my roommates I'm extremly attached. We have so many stupid insider jokes it's unbelievable :D Of course we had fights, too (I think it's natural when three girls who are so different live in a flat together)...but mostly it's been fun times with those two dorks  in our little apartment in Shinjuku <3
Apart from that they had a really good influence on me. It's partly thanks to them that my self-confidence got so much better in Japan. I learned from them that sometimes it's just better not to give a f***. About some people and about what they say.  That some people'es opinions should just be irrelevant to me.
Haha I don't think they really follow my blog but... Mio, Alex: Thanks for making me feel like a cool kid. ;D
(maybe I should mention that it was Alex who introduced me to Kpop...I'm not sure if I should thank or curse you for that.... it gave me such a brain damage :D) 

We met at the main station in Frankfurt, did a bit of window shopping and then had bubble tea with some of Alex' friends. I never drank bubble tea before and I looooooved it :)

Pantay and Mio :) such a sweet couple
Later we had dinner at a really nice Ramen Restaurant called Yumeya where we went togethere before. It was really delicious <3

Alex and me

nom nom Ramen <3

I'm not crybaby....

...or that's what I thought.

If you've read some of my older post you might have realized that I'm quite an emotional and compassionate person. But, except for goodbyes, I don't cry that easily.

I've seen news from horrible events on tv and on the internet. A lot. I've seen pictures and videos of wars, crimes and natural disasters all over the world. Of course I have. And of course it touched me. Of course it shocked me. But I never cried.
Because, even though I knew how horrible those events were and no matter how bad i felt for the people there, it all felt so far away.
Germany has been such a safe coutry every since I've been born. I never really felt concrete danger of war, or hunger or losing my home. Disasters don't happen in my home country. At least they didn't back in the time when I just felt at home in Germany.
That, as many of you may know, changed in 2009. Because as cheesy as it sounds, Japan has become my second home country. A part of my heart never returned to Germany with me.
And babamm now there's a horrible disaster in my home country. And I cried. Two times already. Yesterday in the morning when I first saw the pictures of the Tsunami and this morning when I heard about the explosion at the Fukushima power plant.

By now I heard from most of my friends in Japan that they're safe. But so many others aren't. And there might still happen worse things.

I don't want to watch the news anymore but I can't stop. I just want somebody who wears a suit and looks like he/she is in perfect control of everything tell me there's no danger anymore and no more peoply have died or will die.

My mum hugged me earlier and told me she was glad that I was here with them and safe. Actually exactly one year ago I would have been in office in Shibuya at the time the earthquake happened.
But I'm here. Safe and completely help- and useless.

I'm not really religious.... but I don't think I'm a hypocrite when I say I pray for Japan today.
Because this disaster, no matter how many miles away from me has happened, feels closer to my heart than I ever could imagine.


One last try

So I decided to give blogging one last try... even though i lost my confidence.
But some people encouraged me not to stop and I've always love it so.....here I am again.
First I thought about creating a tumblr but then I realized that I'd probably loose myself in all the reblogging and become addicted to it...in a bad way.

Right now I'm in my hometown because I'm (theoretically) on a break from university. But I still have to write a report so I'm busy nontheless
Yeah. I survived the first semester. Which is a miracle with that crazy subject combination of mine xD. And even with good results.
I have to finish my last report until Monday, so after that be prepared for a lot of posts :)

And now...complety out of context.... pictures of Junho that I found today and that I LOVE. ^^

Junho with flowers and strange sneakers (awesome)

Junho in a sailor shirt (awesome)
double Junho!

Junho with a cat (more than awesome)