Last Thursday I met three friends from my time in Japan again. I was so excited on wednesday evening that I couldn't fall asleep at all. I almost couldn't get there on time because a lot of  trains are cancelled at the moment because of strikes. But I gave the lady at the information a very scary look and she changed my booking to a TGV so I arrived just a few minutes late.:D When I finally met Mio, Alex and Pantay at the station I was so happy I had to grin for at least 30 minutes non-stop

Especially to Alex and Mio who were my roommates I'm extremly attached. We have so many stupid insider jokes it's unbelievable :D Of course we had fights, too (I think it's natural when three girls who are so different live in a flat together)...but mostly it's been fun times with those two dorks  in our little apartment in Shinjuku <3
Apart from that they had a really good influence on me. It's partly thanks to them that my self-confidence got so much better in Japan. I learned from them that sometimes it's just better not to give a f***. About some people and about what they say.  That some people'es opinions should just be irrelevant to me.
Haha I don't think they really follow my blog but... Mio, Alex: Thanks for making me feel like a cool kid. ;D
(maybe I should mention that it was Alex who introduced me to Kpop...I'm not sure if I should thank or curse you for that.... it gave me such a brain damage :D) 

We met at the main station in Frankfurt, did a bit of window shopping and then had bubble tea with some of Alex' friends. I never drank bubble tea before and I looooooved it :)

Pantay and Mio :) such a sweet couple
Later we had dinner at a really nice Ramen Restaurant called Yumeya where we went togethere before. It was really delicious <3

Alex and me

nom nom Ramen <3

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Ina said...


ja das mit japan ist wirklich schlimm..iwie muss ich dir ganze zeit dran denken und es ist komisch jetz wieder über was alltägliches zu bloggen :(

hoffe deinen freunden geht es allen gut!!

finde es auch schön zu sehen dass diese schlimme katasprohe so vielen nahe geht!