A nice place for growing up + recent gets

Yesterday my best friend from Japan left and of course... I cried at the Airport. I'm so baaad with Goodbyes, even though I should be kind of used to them by now.
However, we had a lot of fun in those five days.  Even though we hadn't seen each other in 1 1/2 years...things between us haven't changed. We went sightseeing in the region around my hometown and it opened my eyes a bit. This area is more beautiful than I could see, or more than I wanted to see and coming back here in my holidays always puts my soul at ease (sounds cheesy... I know xD). Or as my friend said: "This seems like a really good place for growing up, but you can definitly not stay here". My friend took around 500 photos (of basically everything...and she paparazzied me all the time xD) but she isn't really in for sharing pictures on the internet, so I wan't upload any!

Instead I got inspired to do my first "recent gets"-post by hyacinth dream :) I always enjoy this kind of posts from the people I follow on blogger, but I never did one myself, so here we gooooo! (sorry for the blurry pictures.... it's getting obvious that my digicam is almost 5 years old and has traveled all around the world)

I got another Kapibara-san plushy <3...

.....and funky flavoured  Kit Kat from my friend as a gift

I asked her to get me some books to study for the JLPT. I'll finally take level N4 in December. Some say it's to easyto even take it, but I want to take it easy this semester, so I'm following a teachers recommendation and start with N4.

super cute strawberry cookies. my friend bought those for my parents. Why are Japanese things always so cute?!?! I can't even... xD

I think it's the first time I buy clothes for fall on time... usually I start buying t-shirts in September, but this time I actually bought cardigans. sorry for the horrible picture. I got the striped one in Vancouver (it's cashmere baby) and the leo-print one at "Review" (I think it's the flashiest item I own xD).

art post cards by a canadian first nation artist I got in tofino and stationary stuff I got a super cute store on Granville Island (Vancouver)

close up because it's just tooo beautiful

Wah I miss my friend so much already. It was such a good thing to see her again. I hope I can visit her in Japan soon. She taught me to sing the Japanese Sailor Moon Opening song (xD) and it's stuck in my head now xD Aaaaand.... this girl has such a power to motivate me! Even though the last semester was horrible and I'll take it easy this semester, I'm finally looking forward to the things that are coming instead of being afraid and stressed. Ganbareee JLPT, ganbareeee Nihongo, ganbareeeee Muk, ganbareeee weight loss, ganbareeee writing, ganbareeeeee and so on.... (romance?! xD)

Going to meet Alex and Mio in Frankfurt on Sunday...can't wait <3


10 points XIX: Pictures from Canada

yay 10 points! This time ten of my favourite pictures from my vacation in Canada. They might not be that special but...I just like them.

My dad meeting a squirrel on a campground near Clearwater :D

this picture is a little sad....the little sign show how far the glacier reached in 2000... it's shrinking soooo fast :(

leaving from Horseshoe bay with the ferry to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

haha i posted that before... sunset in Tofino, Vancouver Island

Rainforest near Tofina... the trees were just sefkjhasdjf i can't even

pile of driftwood on Long Beach, Tofina (yes.... I liked Tofino :D )

my mum with some sea plant... that looks exactly like a whip

me standing on the glass plattform of Calgary Tower... my stomach felt reeeeally weird ^^'

....what can i say...the sausages doing the "chicken" in some parking lot xD

and again... Lake Louise... unfortunately the colour of the water doesn't come out properly... I seriously need a new Digicam!


"What are you looking at?...

 ...oh...it's just a bear. I thought it was something exciting"

or: I'm back from Canada! 

sunset in Tofino

I didn't think it would be possible to see so many places in just 13 days. We landed in Calgary and then drove to Vancouver in a motorhome, visiting Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Clearwater (and the Clearwater Hospital), Whistler and Vancouver Island (Tofino and Victoria) on our way . Since I travelled with my whole family and we had just 13 day´s, it was a little stressful but still great. Super friendly people, awesome landscape and lots of wild animals. Living in Germany, I'm not used to see all kinds of animals running around everywhere (okay not everywhere, but almost everywhere). On the second day I was amazed by seeing a single squirrel. In the following days I saw many elks (once mother and child walking on the street as if they were organic cars xD), squirrels, seals, squirrels, a bear (having fun on a minigolf course), squirrels and a skunk (almost xD). Unfortunatly I didn't see a whale :( AND: The weather was awesome. I even got a bit of a tan. Yes. Me. A tan. In Canada. In September.

beautiful Lake Louise

The flight back was the worst of my life. I was exhausted, felt dizzy and sick and my back, ears and legs hurt a lot. *whine whine* At least they had screens at every seat. When the plane had finally landed in Frankfurt I jubilantly wobbeled my way out of it. 

me at a glacier, looking as retarded as always
In the next days there be some more posts about my trip to Canada! And of course some pictures! And I'll change the header. And my profile picture.
but for now I have to watch drama and enjoy the pleasures of the internet xD

Just three more days until my best friend from Japan is visiting. Yay!


pomelo goes Canada

un... okay... that doesn't rhyme as well as pomelo goes Tokyo... not to say it doesn't rhyme at all.

I'm leaving to Canada on Sunday and until then I have to work my ass off for my part-time job. they don't have enough people right now, so I have to do more work. I just finished work for today, and feel like a jellyfish. The next days will be very busy with packing, organizing the next semester and work, so I probably won't post until I come back.
Maybe if I have a bit of time in Canada I'll maybe post a few fotos.... not xD.  I'm not sure how often I'll be able to access the internet and to be honest I want to enjoy my vacation properly and stay away from the screen for a bit. I'll even turn off my beloved smartphone.

I'll be back on the 18th, with a post and probably with a ton of pictures!

And before I forget it: 632... thanks for your sms today it gave me such a good laugh. Charlie and Pablo forever. You're awesome! (I hope you read this)