"What are you looking at?...

 ...oh...it's just a bear. I thought it was something exciting"

or: I'm back from Canada! 

sunset in Tofino

I didn't think it would be possible to see so many places in just 13 days. We landed in Calgary and then drove to Vancouver in a motorhome, visiting Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Clearwater (and the Clearwater Hospital), Whistler and Vancouver Island (Tofino and Victoria) on our way . Since I travelled with my whole family and we had just 13 day´s, it was a little stressful but still great. Super friendly people, awesome landscape and lots of wild animals. Living in Germany, I'm not used to see all kinds of animals running around everywhere (okay not everywhere, but almost everywhere). On the second day I was amazed by seeing a single squirrel. In the following days I saw many elks (once mother and child walking on the street as if they were organic cars xD), squirrels, seals, squirrels, a bear (having fun on a minigolf course), squirrels and a skunk (almost xD). Unfortunatly I didn't see a whale :( AND: The weather was awesome. I even got a bit of a tan. Yes. Me. A tan. In Canada. In September.

beautiful Lake Louise

The flight back was the worst of my life. I was exhausted, felt dizzy and sick and my back, ears and legs hurt a lot. *whine whine* At least they had screens at every seat. When the plane had finally landed in Frankfurt I jubilantly wobbeled my way out of it. 

me at a glacier, looking as retarded as always
In the next days there be some more posts about my trip to Canada! And of course some pictures! And I'll change the header. And my profile picture.
but for now I have to watch drama and enjoy the pleasures of the internet xD

Just three more days until my best friend from Japan is visiting. Yay!

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Nise said...

Ich wollte auch schon immer mal nach Kanada ;0; Es sieht so schön aus~

Hauptsache du wurdest nicht von einem Bären gefressen und bist im ganzen Stück wieder zuhause angekommen lD