10 points XIX: Pictures from Canada

yay 10 points! This time ten of my favourite pictures from my vacation in Canada. They might not be that special but...I just like them.

My dad meeting a squirrel on a campground near Clearwater :D

this picture is a little sad....the little sign show how far the glacier reached in 2000... it's shrinking soooo fast :(

leaving from Horseshoe bay with the ferry to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

haha i posted that before... sunset in Tofino, Vancouver Island

Rainforest near Tofina... the trees were just sefkjhasdjf i can't even

pile of driftwood on Long Beach, Tofina (yes.... I liked Tofino :D )

my mum with some sea plant... that looks exactly like a whip

me standing on the glass plattform of Calgary Tower... my stomach felt reeeeally weird ^^'

....what can i say...the sausages doing the "chicken" in some parking lot xD

and again... Lake Louise... unfortunately the colour of the water doesn't come out properly... I seriously need a new Digicam!

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632 said...

Such nice pictures!!
Everything looks so adventurous. :)