One last try

So I decided to give blogging one last try... even though i lost my confidence.
But some people encouraged me not to stop and I've always love it so.....here I am again.
First I thought about creating a tumblr but then I realized that I'd probably loose myself in all the reblogging and become addicted to it...in a bad way.

Right now I'm in my hometown because I'm (theoretically) on a break from university. But I still have to write a report so I'm busy nontheless
Yeah. I survived the first semester. Which is a miracle with that crazy subject combination of mine xD. And even with good results.
I have to finish my last report until Monday, so after that be prepared for a lot of posts :)

And now...complety out of context.... pictures of Junho that I found today and that I LOVE. ^^

Junho with flowers and strange sneakers (awesome)

Junho in a sailor shirt (awesome)
double Junho!

Junho with a cat (more than awesome)

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♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

Thanks for following =] Junho is cute XD