A little update on my life...

Okay this time I have no excuse... I didn't blog because I was going out a lot and really too lazy to blog.
But now I think I should really update you a bit about some things that happened in the meantime.

  • I turned 22! yay....not xD I feel so old! 
  • I went to see the "Lion King Musical" with 632! It was awesome! But still not as awesome as "Tanz der Vampire".( Don't know the English title...sorry :/) 
  • I got a new Cam for my birthday... but unfortunately it died after 2 weeks. Now I'm waiting to get a new one. 
  • One show of the K-Pop Festival in Paris was cancelled. dun dun. We accidently got tickets for both dates, so we'll still be okay...but.. others are ver dissappointed. :( 
  • I passed my Japanese midterm exams with 49 of 50 points. yeah... I'm proud xD 

Today I went shopping with my mum and grandma. Because almost everything is on sale right now, I was able to buy a bag, a dress, a coat and a skirt for an incredibly cheap price. I wish I could post the clothes but... no cam again :(

2012 is coming and I decided to make a 10 points with my favourite songs of the year again.... be prepared for k-pop xD


632 said...

Yihaa nice to see a entry again. I didn't blog for so long either and I'm feeling really bad. v_v
And I know exactly how it feels with that cam problem..
Pleeease show me your new clothes asap! :D

Nisha Sharma said...

i like your posts very much..
they all are simply awesome..
keep doing this..
all d best.
Sandhi Sudha