Feels a lot like 2007

In early 2007, I watched the first and only Anime (when it comes to stuff like that, I'm more of a Manga Person) that I really really liked a lot: Ouran High School Host Club. I found it romantic, charming and most of all FUNNY. I loved all the charakters, even the female lead. Femals leads ins manga, drama and anime can be really annoying, but Haruhi was just daebak :)

Now, more than 4 years later, there's a live action drama version of Ouran High School Host Club. At first, I was NOT amused at all. Reason: I disliked the cast. My expectations were very high, and so (of course) I felt disappointed....at first!

the live action cast

I mean... Tamaki isn't even blonde...and has the worst hairstyle ever! xD And they were all...so not dreamy enough at first sight. But honestly... how similar can a real human being be to a anime character? Fact is, even though the live action is not as good and as funny the anime, the actors do a good job and the casting decisions weren't bad after all. Yamamoto Yusuke is a really good Tamaki (besides the hairstyle...he just has that dramatic Tamaki-feeling :D) And I think Daito Shunsuke
makes a really good Kyoya!

Another thing I started to be interested in in 2007 was Jpop. Yes, it may seem unbelievable now because I talk about Kpop a lot but... I actually used to be into Johnny's quite a bit! (dun dun dun). The song that got me interested was NewS' "weeek"( sorry I can't find it on youtube). It was a catchy fun song and all the member looked kind of cute in the pv. Even though I soon started to prefer Arashi and Kanjani8 over NewS, I was a little sad when I heard that Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo (I dare say they're the most popular members) decided to leave the group.

yamapi in the middle, ryo on the right

Even though I'm not much of a Johnny fan anymore, I'm not ashamed of liking them before it the thought that the group might fall apart with just 4 members (of originally 9 I think) left pains me a little. They gave me some good laughs and kyas, especially with their tour movies. I used to be a big Yamapi fan... but I think this decision he made is completly Akanishi Jin-like. And let me say one thing: I'm not a Akanishi Jin fan. At least Ryo stays with Kanjani. *rant rant*
Hehe I'm thinking a lot about those 2007 interests of mine these days.... ^^

And since I'm already doing the nerdtalk: I started reading Kuragehime. It's the BESCHT!

And Matsuyama Kenichi has secured his place as my number one favourite Japanese actor forever now that I've seen the movie "Detroit Metal City". It's awesome. If you don't believe it...go and watch it :D
Negishi (on the right), the main character, and his Death Metal Ego "Krauser"

Krauser shaking it in a washroom

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Nise said...

Ouran High School Host Club ist sooo cool XD
Es ist der einzige Manga den ich mir noch ab und zu mal kaufe. Den Anime fand ich auch sehr schön, auch wenn er irgendwann einfach endet, wo der Manga noch min. 5 Bände folgend hat... Vielleicht nehm ich mir das Dorama auch mal vor l3