Actually this post should be special because it's post number 300 on this blog, but since I'm a lazy b*tch and Uni starts tomorrow I'll make it really random instead.

Hello there, it's been some days since my last post. And to be honest, I should not be blogging right now but reviewing Japanese like a maniac. But I'm too lazy, and even if I started now, I don't really think it'd make a difference. So... yes :D

I'm back to Hamburg since last Tuesday, and I spent the last days catching up with my friends from University.  I really missed those adorable dorks.

Yesterday we watched the 6 hour "Pride and Prejudice" BBC Series. I hadn't seen it before and I LOVED it. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is just....the he always stares at Lizzy..and... I shouldn't even start about that :D

Hm...so what else is there to talk about. I finally watched Ponyo this morning. At the beginning I was really creeped out by Ponyo but ..yeah it was cute. (Of course it's cute, it's Ghibli xD)

I have something to confess. I bought the Garnier BB Cream. I've wanted to BB Cream for quite some time now, because many of my Asia-loving friends told me that it's awesome and kind of made me believe it would cause a Sailor Moon-like transformation xD. I'm not going to do review here, because I would be stupid with no BB-experience to refer to.  It smells kind of nice, the texture is okay, too.... haha omg I'd make a horrible Beauty-Blogger :D However, I didn't think there was THAT much of a difference. My skin is not that bad to beginn with and the cream made it look nicer, but it still didn't look as flawless as Jaejoong's (or any other  K-Popstar). Why Jaejoong? Because the BB Cream scene with Jaejoon in Protect the Boss was kind of burned into my brain. "I only wear BB Cream on special occasions". Anybody seen it? x)

In February there's going to be a Music Bank K-Pop Festival in Paris (2pm, SHINee, Beast and more are coming...ftw). I'm sooooo going to try to get tickets! I could live with not getting tickets for SM Town live in Paris, but 2pm brings this event to a whole different level. I really hope I can go u.u

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