I need a new head(er) xD

I've always been someone who likes stupid puns (for my German readers: pun = Wortspiel), even if they're not funny at all.
Maybe I really could use a new head, but what I really need is a new header for this blog. Desperatly. It just occured to me this morning. I love this foto I used because it always reminds me of my Studienfahrt, the sea and sunshine....but it just doesn't fit this blog. Not at all.
I thought a bit about a new look for this blog and I think I've already got an idea for some cheerful, colorful but still very simple layout.

Tonight I woke up because of some really loud choking sound. Honestly, it was creepy. I turned on the light just to find my cat puking all over my carpet... Seems like I'm not the only one feeling sick.

After this weekend summer break is over and I'm slowly getting melancholic. This year it's not just that the holidays will be over, it's more the feeling of starting my last year of school. Time goes by too fast.

I should finish my book report now.... mäp

Sry for all those boring posts over the last days...

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