10 points XVIII: Favourite songs of 2010

Yay finally a 10 points again. In English - just because I feel like it :D

Most of my favourite songs of 2010 were Kpop songs. I'm sure that -LIKE ALWAYS- some people will say that Kpop isn't real music, that I don't understand the words and that I'm superficial because just everything about these songs is soooo mainstream and so on and so an. And I basically have 1 million arguments against you ranting. But I won't say anything to defend the things I like anymore. Because I'm sick of it. And because, seriously, I don't care what you think about it any more.

  • Robyn - Dancing on my own. Robyn's Bodytalk (pt. 1, 2 and 3) is my favourite album of the year. And one of my favourite albums ever. I could make this whole list just with Robyn songs. But I decided to take just 1 song per artist. Some more brilliant songs are: Cry when you get older, Time Machine, Indestructible, Hang with me, Criminal Intent, ect.

  • SHINee - Lucifer. Because of the song and it's concept. Because of Jonghyuns and Onews voice. Because of Keys half Mohawk and his inner diva. Because of Taemins Dancing. And because Minhos is touching himself...xD

  • The Wombats - Tokyo. My favourite Band. My friends gave me tickets for their concert in Hamburg in April for my birthday. If you love me let me go back to the bar in Tokyo where the demons from my past leave me in peace.

  • miss A - Breathe. If you need reasons, read this.

  • Wir sind Helden - Bring mich nach Hause, from their wonderful album with the same title and a lot of goods songs. Went to their awesome concert in Hamburg in November!

  • Taeyang - I'll be there (Korean Version). Sexiest Zombie Shit EVER.

  • Big Bang - Lollipop. Perverted song with a cute video. It was stuck in my head for weeks... okay scratch that....months.

  • 2pm - Without U. To be honest. I couldn't really decide if I like "without U" or "I'll be back" better. I chose "Without U" for three reasons. 1. Less Guyliner 2. Better dance 3. "I'm gonna be okay..without you" is a message I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that they'll be okay as a 6-person-group. Because I believe, that even if they're not 7 anymore and never will be 7 again, they're still 2pm, and I'll support them.

  • Vast - Pretty when you cry. I'm quite sure that this song wasn't released in 2010, but it was featured in the 2010 movie "Wir sind die Nacht" and that's where I first heard it. And started to love it.

  • 2NE1 - Can't nobody. 2NE1 is awesome. Period. (even if minzy's part in this mv is a little bit too ganster for my taste)

Okay probably I forgot some songs I really loved in 2010... but I can't check which songs I listened to the most because my laptop broke down. dun dun. u.u

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Anonymous said...

2PM - Without You

Das Beste daran ist doch der "Wisch-den-Boden" - Tanzschritt! :D