Meat balls, a new mobile and the student dorm

First thing: I decided to write some of my posts in English and some in German. I really get the feeling I'm slowly forgetting my English. I hope nobody minds...

On Thursday my new mobile finally arrived! Yay! The Motorola Flipout is PERFECT for a social network addict like me. Thanks to the feature "Motoblur" I get all messages from Twitter and Facebook as well as my e-mails and of course my SMS directly to my display. And as a bonus it looks quite cute. I really la-la-like it :) Unfortunatly the camera isn't that good...but nevermind, I got a digicam for pics with higher quality.

Friday I drove to Hamburg together with my mum to move my stuff into the student dorm. The student dorm is located in a really nice area and my room, even though on the fith floor, is quite nice. But you know life wouldn't be life if everything went smoothly. A nice and cheap room in a nice area...and a nice apartment?! No. The apartment is defintly not that nice. Some people who moved out some weeks a go left a lot of waste, basically destroyed one of the bathrooms and stuff like that. I hope the caretaker will take care of those problems ASAP =/
I already met two of my new flat mates and they seem to be really nice. Of course they are annoyed by the current condition of the apartment as well. It seems like there's a Korean girl living in the apartment, too. I haven't even met her but it makes me kinda happy :D

On Saturday I took a look at my University and I got sooooo excited. In a week I'll finally be a University student and live in Hamburg and meet a lot of new people. Hehe I'm not sure if I was more nervous when I left for Japan!

Saturday evening me Ka and me watched "Cloudy with a chance of meat balls". We wanted to watch it for quite some time and yesterday we finally did. And it was really worth it. The movie was lively, crazy, super creative and really funny. I really recommend it even though it's not really famous. At least not here :)

Omg a friend just sent me a message that SHINees Minho got a nose job?? Is that true?!?!? xD I'm so shocked right now. Honestly.

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